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Stupid Sheep

Your sheep are lost and must find they way back to their pen.These sheep will quite stupidly walk in front of cars and other hazards.

Guide your stupid sheep safely back to their pen, crossing fields, roads and frozen lakes. Avoid cars, tractors and electric fences on your way through 32 distinct levels, split into two colourful worlds. There are many dumb ways to die in this game!

Create a path for your sheep dog by simply dragging your finger across or tapping the screen and watch as the stupid sheep follow the dog! Dash between cars and glide along frozen fields in this fun packed game of skill.

Jetpack Racer

Race jetpack powered wingsuits through multiple courses over beautiful terrains, dodging rocks, trees, cliffs, tornados and much more in this high octane first person flying game.

Collect bonuses to upgrade your jetpacks and collect more advanced vehicles.

Tilt your device to control the pitch and roll of your jetpack and collect fuel to keep going, or simply glide to the end.

3D Puzzle Blocks 2

3D Puzzle Blocks 2 is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.

Fit different 3D blocks together forming a variety of shapes from simple blocks to Planets!

Each puzzle is beautifully drawn and has multiple difficulties to complete. Continue to play each level for fun by unlocking the random mode. Gameplay ranges from simple to challenging and everywhere in between. Give yourself a challenge and play 3D puzzle blocks 2 today.


★ 50+ puzzles to solve.
★ Unlimited puzzles in random mode.
★ Beautiful , colorful graphics.
★ Completely free!

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